San Gimignano

San Gimignano
Beautiful city of San Gimignano, where we spent last Sunday afternoon.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My First Blog-lol

As many of you know Steve and I are headed off to Italy in the future.  He left last Sunday and is now there living and working.  He will continue to work as an administrator with the Dept. of Defense Schools while I am starting this tour with retired behind my name :-)  We are excited as usual about the new adventures to come!

In an attempt to keep family and friends somewhat updated about what we are doing and what's going on in our lives I am going to write a blog.  Big smile here!  I know NOTHING about writing a blog as you can tell from this sad little site here.  But I am proud because I got on and created this all by myself just now and will continue to make it a little more interesting (hopefully with some input from some of you blogsters out there, please).  Send me an email at if you have any advice.

I have regretted not keeping some type of journal of the years we lived in Japan and England.  Steve, Mary Beth, Melissa and I all have some of the same memories but each of us also have our own individual memories of those years.  It would be nice to have them all down in a blog complete with pictures but unfortunately we don't.  We have a mish mash of emails, pictures, videos and our memories.....which are still very enjoyable.   I'm going to try to document this adventure a little bit more.  Maybe our grandchildren might like to read it someday.  If nothing else, this blog might serve as hard documentation and keep Steve and I from arguing about the details of something as we get older (and he can't remember anymore)  :-)

Melissa will be keeping our little spoiled English Springer spaniel, Lyra at U.A. with her until we can arrange to get her some type of pet Visa.  We're not sure what that entails but it's not simple and requires lots of vet documentation and translation of paperwork into Italian.  Lyra is already deaf, with health problems and has made one International move from the UK to Alabama, I don't think she's looking forward to another one!    Melissa is a Jr. at U.A. and will stay behind.  Steve and I appreciate the numerous family and friends who have offered her a place to stay while we are gone, their phone number to call "at any time for anything", and other generous offers to help take care of her in our absence.  It means a lot!  She has started a new internship with and has had two stories published online this week.  Please check out the Tuscaloosa online. She will be writing for them regulary, she has her own byline and everything!  Last Saturday she's covering the BCS crystal championship trophy viewing :-)  She also writes for the Crimson White 2-3 a week if you love reading the news check out their online website too.

Mary Beth has been in London since last August.  She graduated from Auburn, spent the summer working at a resort in Wyoming and then accepted a banking internship with United Bank of Switzerland.  Yes, she IS an English major and had no business background but she's managed to figure it out as she goes (as usual) :-)   She's working in their Prime Brokerage Department and I don't understand when she tries to explain to me what she does.  She is enjoying being back in London, renewing old friendships, making new friends, discovering all the special places she likes to find and traveling around.  Ryanair, a wonderful discount airline has a direct flight from London to Pisa, so we hope she will be visiting us at least every 2-3 months and maybe we can make a trip to London before her internship ends in August.  She auditioned for and was invited to join a Choir in London called Electic Voices   

As for the two of us, we will spend the next 2-3 months living in a small town called Livorno.  We will be living out of our suitcases in a hotel on the military base.  Our household goods were packed up last week and will likely not get to Italy for 2-3 months.  This will give us that amount of time to look for and find either a small house or an apt.   I understand that housing is very limited and I have already looked online at what's available.  Hopefully we can find something that we can be comfortable in and that visitors can come and stay with us for short stays.  I'm not too worried about it though, Italy is right outside my front door!  There will be much to see, and do, and eat and explore!  

I will work on making this blog look better.  Help please :-)


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